eBible Beta

I got my eBible alpha/beta (their blog uses both terms) membership today, and spent a little time checking it out. There are some very impressive AJAX effects, including verse highlighting, side-by-side bible reading, and flyover commentaries for each verse. It was also pretty speedy, so hopefully they are ready for a full launch next week.

There are a few interactive features – like the ability to tag and search tagged verses, storing bookmarks, and seeing who last tagged a verse. However, I don”t see too much in the way of community building – it looks like more of a resource site that is trying to sell Christian literature (which is not a bad thing). The ads are not too obtrusive, and it looks like they have a few companies publishing ads now (and while they”re in beta, it looks like the ads are free).

I have 3 invites, let me know if you want one.

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