trying to find a replacement for quicken

I’ve decided to get back into the habit of tracking
our expenses against a budget again. When I last used financial
software, I was using a PC and used Quicken 2000. Now that I’m on a
mac again, I’m finding the pickings are quite slim.

Your first choice would be good ‘ol
quicken for the mac. However, just
before I decided to outbid some other sucker on EBay for a Quicken 2005
for Mac, I decided to read the reviews at

Probably a good idea, it looks like Intuit could care less whether
they maintain this product, but they’ll gladly continue to take your
money. In fact, you typically see the low end PC versions for 25-30
bucks, with rebates available, but the Mac version only available in one
version and goes for 60-70 bucks, depending on where you buy it. So I
figured I’d look at the competition. Well, not much out

Whereas PC users have two giants duking it out (Microsoft
with Money and Intuit
with Quicken, Mac users are lacking in options.

[Moneydance]( They took the approach of using
Java, and thus could easily support Mac, Linux, or Windows on one
codebase. This seems like a good idea, but when I tried to download my
information from either of my two banks, neither worked. Quicken on the
PC worked flawlessly every time. So I moved on.

There’s also
iBank. I guess I must be
a typical Mac user, because I saw the cool graphics and the ‘i’ in the
name and must have subconsciously thought it would work as well as the
iLife suite. So I bought a copy. And it crashes at least once every
time I use it, and is severely lacking in features. But I think I’m
willing to patiently wait and see if the author implements some of the
features that I’m missing (like integrated downloads instead of QIF
imports) and provides a little more stability in future

So I guess I don’t understand why no one else seems to
want to compete in this area. It seems to me like there’s some money
to be made.


  1. I’ve been using Quicken and I don’t think it’s too bad. The interface is a mess and there’s a lot there that isn’t very intuitive, but for keeping track of where the money goes it works out okay.

    What bank are you using? Maybe they have a suggestion. I know there are a couple other programs for the Mac, but Quicken still remains the king (or court jester in their case).

    You’re right, though. There’s little else out there. If you want my copy from my mini, since I don’t use Quicken on the PPC anymore, let me know.

  2. Looks like there’s an iBank update just out, version 2.1.2 (185). I got it today, and it has been much more stable – no crashes so far and I have reconciled a statement and imported a QIF file.

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