The ultimate shave

I read this 43 folders post on shaving a few months back and in the back of my mind thought that I might be missing out on the true shaving experience by just hacking away at my face hidden under a pile of Gillette shave gel.

The top link in the 43 folders wiki on shaving tips is the Leisure Guy’s comprehensive guide to the gourmet shaving experience. You gotta love the Internet – there’s always someone who is a true expert. This definitive guide will tell you more than you could ever need to know about wet shaving.

Turns out I am definitely not top of the line, but did pick up a “Best Badger” shave brush (a good starter brush according to the Leisure Guy) and some sandalwood shave soap from Crabtree and Evelyn – a great anniversary gift from my wife. The refills are only $8, and I’ve been using it for two weeks now and it hasn’t appeared to even wear down the indented lettering on the cake of soap. I think you can save big bucks by shaving this way, and it is a much better experience, no cuts so far, and a great way to start the morning. I actually look forward to shaving now.

I’m still using a Gillette Sensor, I need to move the safety razor once my blades are all used up and I’ll be saving even more money.

One thing to point out, when using shaving soap, getting a good lather takes some technique. This guide with photos was really a good thing that got me started. After using this technique, the lather was 10x better.

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  1. Many thanks for kind comment. Regarding lather, you might find this recent post to be of interest. (I’ve also updated the comprehensive guide you link to above—it gets updated fairly often as I learn more.)

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