ABC/ESPN doesn’t get it

Take a look at the NCAA football schedule for ABC TV this Saturday:

* 11:00 Pitt vs. Syracuse
* 2:30 Oklahoma vs. Texas
* 7:00 Nebraska vs. Iowa State

Now I live in the Chicago area. Notice the games that aren’t being shown:
* NU vs. Wisconsin
* Michigan vs. Michigan State
* Illinois vs. Indiana
* Iowa vs. Purdue

Now I know that some of these were on ESPN, but give me a break, who is in charge of this scheduling?

The NU game was shown on ESPN360, the dumbest idea to come out of the ABC Empire ever. Basically, you can view clips and games using a Flash based player, but only if your ISP has signed up with ESPN. My guess is this means they do some kind of server co-location to keep the load down on their corporate servers, but of course Comcast doesn’t want to play ball with them. So I listened to NU get blown out by Wisconsin on the radio. I would have been willing (before the game) to shell out the $22 extortion fee that ESPN gameplan would offer online, but even that’s not available without the ISP collusion.

I don’t understand how the NCAA can’t just go with a competent third party to offer games online, I wold think there is a lot of money to be made here.

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  1. It’s probably like baseball. I hate that Fox has all the broadcast rights for Saturday games – even with my subscription I can’t see anything other than what’s being broadcasted. I could see it a day later on Sunday but watching games when you already know the score kinda stinks.

    Everyone seems so scared of losing total control that they’re missing good opportunities to make money. Ridiculous.

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