This recipe is one of my favorites from when I was a kid.  For some reason, I was a casserole junkie.  I especially loved the recipes with condensed Campbell’s soup […]

One year ago in March I spent some time in the hospital due to a mystery illness.  Besides a short stay for an appendectomy a few years back, this was […]

I brewed my first all-grain batch on Saturday, and decided to go with a recipe for a simple beer that I had made before using liquid malt extract.   One […]

We have found this recipe to be awesome, and after serving this at a Northwestern bowl game watching party, I figured I needed to post it online where I could […]

The Trailing of the Sheep

My family made an unexpected trip to Idaho for my grandmother’s funeral on October 13th this year.  My grandma was a lifetime resident of Bellevue, a small town that is […]

Home Renovation, back yard

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When you undergo a home renovation that affects exterior walls, there is going to be some damage to the yard and landscaping.  In our case, our contractor had to remove […]

Front of house, before project

This entry is part 1 of 11 in the series Home Remodel

Laura and I bought our house in 2002.  When we bought it, we knew it was going to need a little work – mainly paint and a new kitchen and […]

I saw this Gallup poll this week about the alcohol preferences of American drinkers.  Of note is that wine is now almost caught up with beer (35% to 36%), and […]