No bake peanut butter cookies

I remember my mom making these cookies for me as a kid, I loved them with a glass of milk. ¬†They’re perfect for that time when you decide you want […]

I read Dug Down Deep by Josh Harris on the recommendation of my pastor. It is a book about theology which Harris dedicated to his three children, saying “One day […]

Brood parasite?

While at my in-laws over the Easter weekend we got to check out two birds nests located on top of wreaths outside their front and back doors. The girls had […]

Spring flowers

I love seeing new flowers in the spring since I always forget about what I planted in the fall. My goal is to plant one bag of bulbs every year.

I woke up this morning at 5:29, on a Saturday, no less. My alarm went off about 30 seconds later. I jumped out of bed and am writing this while […]

beer batch

I first made my own beer with a friend a few years ago. After getting some exposure to the process, I realized it was not that hard and produced a […]

You gotta love the Choo Choo

I had the girls just to myself for the weekend with Laura gone for a few nights. We hit the choo choo in Des Plaines for lunch on Saturday. Nothing’s […]