Yay!  Apple has apparently announced a fix for the keyboard freezing problem on MacBooks and MacBook Pros that I was noticing.  The software update notice says: This update addresses a […]

As a huge fan of Office Space, I really was excited when I heard heard about Idiocracy a few months ago, but when I heard it wasn’t a sequel, I […]

Almost 30 years before Joel Johnson wrote this scathing blog entry about people buying gadgets that overpromise and underdeliver, Richard Foster basically said the same thing (minus a few vulgarities) […]

Take a look at the NCAA football schedule for ABC TV this Saturday: * 11:00 Pitt vs. Syracuse * 2:30 Oklahoma vs. Texas * 7:00 Nebraska vs. Iowa State Now […]

I read this 43 folders post on shaving a few months back and in the back of my mind thought that I might be missing out on the true shaving […]