Take a look at the NCAA football schedule for ABC TV this Saturday: * 11:00 Pitt vs. Syracuse * 2:30 Oklahoma vs. Texas * 7:00 Nebraska vs. Iowa State Now […]

I read this 43 folders post on shaving a few months back and in the back of my mind thought that I might be missing out on the true shaving […]

Update: The trailing slash problem in Apache is a well known issue that I was also dealing with. Basically, if you went to you would get a 404/Page Not […]

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Wow, what a lucky guy I am. My wife, Laura, is an English teacher, and she loves “To Kill A Mockingbird”, by Harper […]

There’s a very interesting article in this Sunday”s New York Times about an Evangelical church in Minnesota that has (somewhat) rejected the Republican party”s stranglehold on their church. The Senior […]

I got my eBible alpha/beta (their blog uses both terms) membership today, and spent a little time checking it out. There are some very impressive AJAX effects, including verse highlighting, […]