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Before you can build something up, you have to tear it down. The first step in our remodeling was the demolition. The sunroom on the back of the house had to come down first, revealing the concrete pad that it sat on.

We had a large concrete patio as well as the concrete slab from the sunroom that had to come up. After the patio was removed, it was revealed that there was a retaining wall for an old underground garage entry at the rear of the house. Our lower level (a half basement) used to be an underground garage, similar to other homes on the block. Everyone has since filled in their driveways and built garages on the alley, but the retaining wall needed to be partially removed for new foundation wall. This was a change order, but not too expensive considering the amount of work needed to remove the wall to the depth of the frost protection.

At this point, the necessary excavation for the crawl space had been completed.  This work took place in the first two weeks of November.

Once the space for the foundation was cleared, the footings were poured.   The foundation is starting to take shape.

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