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Laura and I bought our house in 2002.  When we bought it, we knew it was going to need a little work – mainly paint and a new kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  Following the advice of our realtor, we decided to live there for six months before doing anything besides cosmetic work.  We renovated the kitchen with a general contractor who subcontracted out plumbing and electrical work for a six week project.  That project went very well, and we’ve been happy with the work.  I also renovated the basement, putting in a new bathroom and a new ceiling with all new electrical.

We’ve now lived in our house for 8 1/2 years and we have realized it’s time to consider some more work.  The house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath split-level built in 1950.  There is an entry area, living room and adjoining dining room, kitchen with eating area, sun room, downstairs family room with a bathroom and laundry area, and three bedrooms with a shared bathroom.  The house comes in at about 1700 square feet.  The space is enough for us, but there are multiple areas that need improvement.

  • The rear entry of the house has nowhere to place clothes and shoes, and ends up being a big mess
  • The sun room has poor electrical with only one outlet, very little insulation, and is built on a slab instead of crawl space.  The room is too cold to use regularly in the winter, and has no walls for placing furniture against.  It also has two large picture windows that have leaked and are are impossible to see through due to cloudiness.
  • The siding on the house is in some disrepair and we would like to change the color.
  • The roof has only about one or two years left on it, and we would like to change the color.
  • There is no first floor bathroom.
  • We would like to have a master bathroom attached to our bedroom, and there is no room to add one on our current bedroom.
We spoke with several developers and looked at a wide range of projects.  The most basic project would have been to replace the windows in the sun room, install radiant heat in the sun room, reside the house, and add a new roof.  The second level of project would be to remove the sun room, add a new family room and first floor powder room, and a mud room.  The third level was to do everything in the second level, but add a new bedroom on a second story.  We elected to go for the third option.
Here’s an image and video of the house, before the project began.
Front of house, before project
Front of the house, before the project started

And here’s a shaky home video of the back of the house.

I’m going to attempt to document the process of going through the home renovation.
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