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One part of our renovation that we will see very little of is the new crawlspace.  The old sun room had sat on a concrete slab, and was quite cold in the winter.   The new addition all will sit on a new foundation with a crawlspace complete with a second sump pump, drain tile, and a slushed floor.  The old crawl space under the house also received a new slush coat, making it much easier to store items and move around versus the old gravel floor.  It should also cut down on the amount of moisture in the basement.  Access to the new area is through a hole cut in the south foundation wall of the dining room.


Here are the molds to the new foundation walls. The hole in the existing foundation wall is seen boarded up.

Here is the finished foundation and crawl space after the molds were removed.  This is looking over the family room and towards the dining area and mud room.  The floor is finished with a slush coat of concrete.


Here is the foundation seen when looking towards the kitchen.  You can see the old retaining wall which is now going to just sit in the crawlspace protruding from the floor.


The existing crawl space was slushed with a coat of concrete, here is what it looked lik with the vapor barrier before the concrete was poured.

And here it is after the slush coat.  This will be much easier to move around in and store things in plastic bins.

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