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A big part of any home remodel is all the stuff that’s hidden in the walls. For our home remodel, there have been few surprises in these areas, but a considerable part of the budget goes into them, mostly in skilled trades needed to do the work.

We managed to avoid some of the more costly upgrades such as needing a new main water line.  For plumbing, we had the following changes:

  • A new 3/4 bath for the master bedroom
  • A new powder room on the main floor
  • A surprise failure in our 40 gallon hot water heater, so we replaced it with a new 50 gallon model
  • Relocation of the hose bib outside, since the addition covered the original location
  • Minor plumbing changes needed for the new furnace

For electrical, we had fairly typical changes to keep all the new areas up to code, along with a few upgrades.  When we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago, we upgraded our electrical service, so we had enough power for the new areas of the house.

  • Moving the main electrical lines to the corner of the house to accomodate the new areas of the house
  • Code requires smoke detectors and CO detectors to be hard wired in the entire house
  • Several extra outlets in closets and behind the TV location

I also decided to wire all the new areas for cable TV and Cat5 ethernet or phone, also known as low voltage wiring.  I also wired for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for the family room.   Once the drywall is fully installed and painted, I will install the speakers and wall plates and terminate the wiring.  I was able to purchase all the tools, speakers, wiring, and supplies for under $500 from monoprice.

For HVAC, there is a new furnace and A/C unit installed on the second floor.  It will handle heating and cooling for the master suite and the third bedroom that is also on the top floor.  The downstairs furnace and A/C unit will handle cooling for the new family room, the main floor, the two lower bedrooms, and the basement.  The chimney that went up the back of the house had to be torn down and the vent for the furnace and hot water heater moved up through the house to vent through the roof.  This bought us a few extra inches in both the powder room and one of the closets in the master bedroom.

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