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Our roof was nearing the end of its life, and replacing it was part of the motivation in doing our renovation at this time. While a roof is not extremely expensive, it made no sense to replace the roof and then do any changes later. The color was a medium brown that had not matched the original dark brown siding, and we had never liked it. We had painted the house a few years back, but the roof was always a sore spot. It also needed repair, we had a few ice dams near the front windows during the winter and the shingles had started to degrade quite a bit.


We went with a charcoal architectural shingle that matched the roof on the garage that we had replaced a few summers ago. The new roof is probably at least a third to half larger than the old one due to the higher peak and the fact that the back is now all shingled, whereas before there was a flat roof on the sunroom.

The roof went up in about a week, the roofers had some pretty good weather the week before Christmas. The roof was finished the day of a pretty good rainstorm and we had no leaking.


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