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When we bought our house in 2002, it had dark brown aluminum siding.  Here it is, circa 2002.

Several years ago, we had the siding painted a lighter brown color, knowing that it would not last for more than a few years.  This helped a bit, but we weren’t completely happy with the color.

After demolition, we found that the exterior of the house has changed even more over the years.  We think it was originally white plank wood siding with a nice dental molding on the front that was still exposed after the aluminum siding was added.  Take a look at what was on the side of the front door under the aluminum siding.

Since we were adding on some new space in the back of the house, we needed to choose how to finish the exterior. Currently, a popular choice is Hardie board siding. It is a fiber cement based product, that has a color finish applied at the factory.  It is available in various finishes and styles, including plank, shingle, and panels.   The planks are also available with different textures.  It is engineered to be durable in cold weather climates like Chicago. The color variety was good, but making a choice was fairly difficult. We narrowed our options down to three choices: Monterey Taupe  (l), Khaki Brown (c), or , Woodstock Brown (r).

We decided on the Woodstock brown. The trim is cedar that is prepainted white at the factory. One option that we had wanted to have was the shaker style of siding that Hardie offers. It turns out that it is insanely expensive, we were quoted a $1200 up charge just to have the front triangle and the two dormers done in this style. I’m not sure why it’s so much more, but we opted to stick with the plank siding. If the house was all siding instead of part brick, we may have wanted to break up the siding by using the different style.

Here is the siding up close with some of the trim.  In this picture, the caulk has not been applied yet.

Here is the back of the house.

And the front.


There is still some trim from the old windows to paint white, and the gutters have not been put on yet, so it will look a little bit different when complete.  So far we have been very happy with the color and finish in the product.


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