U.S. drinking preferences

I saw this Gallup poll this week about the alcohol preferences of American drinkers.  Of note is that wine is now almost caught up with beer (35% to 36%), and liquor is up 2% over last year.  If you look at the breakdown, you will see that wine is heavily favored by women and older people.  As the population is aging, I expect wine to continue to get more popular.  However, for drinkers aged 18-34, beer dropped from 51% to 39% in just one year.  That’s a huge drop, but looking at the more detailed breakdown of men vs. women tells me they must have had more women in their sample than last year.

One thing that really cracked me up:

Additionally, 2% of young adults this year volunteered that they most often drink cordials, up from less than 1% in 2010 and in most prior years.

Really, cordials?  Who drinks cordials?  What is wrong with you young adults!

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